• Support the community

    The funds raised are diverted into loans, grants, scholarships and donations for various projects worldwide, with a strong focus on micro entrepreneurs in developing countries and social entrepreneurs who want to affect social change on local and global levels.We are founded and run by an international network of entrepreneurs who work to raise money privately amongst ourselves and our private business contacts.
  • Prospero is different

    We are not so much a charity in the traditional sense but a foundation that empowers citizens to help themselves and those around them.

    Contact us to join

    Email: info@prosperofoundation.org

    Students We Support

    The Prospero Foundation awards full and partial scholarships to worthy students selected by the Board of Directors. See all students → .

  • Helping children

    The health, care, protection, and education of the world’s poorest children is a key focus for the Prospero Foundation. It is part of our mission to help these children survive and thrive, and to unlock their tremendous potential ...

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    Social Entrepreneurship

    Social entrepreneurs present ideas that are user-friendly, ethical, and engage widespread support in order to maximize the number of local people that embrace their idea and run with it.

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  • Recent Micro - Lending Projects

    We help small business people such as farmers, shop keepers, and artisans build their businesses and stimulate economic development in their communities. See all micro-lending projects .